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Working Smart with Outlook

Working Sm@rt with Outlook 2013 (Also 2010)

I         Top 8 Power Short Cuts

  •  Finding a Contact in seconds fla
  • Viewing Outlook in Multiple Windows
  • Taking a Peek
  • Flagging Messages for the to-do list
  •  Quick Parts - Reusing frequently used text
  • Creating Items with Drag and Drop
  • Sending Email to Task
  • RIGHT Click Drag and Drop
  • Conditional Formatting - Colour Coding important messages

II        Organizing your Inbox

  • Viewing your Inbox your way
  • Customizing the Outlook Navigation Bar
  • Using Conversation View
  • Working with Folders and Subfolders
  • Making use of Favorites
  • Favorite Folders
  • Favorite People
  • Deleting Old Messages
  • Staying Organized with Shortcut Keys

III       Managing Incoming Messages

  • Speed-Reading your Email
  • Changing the Mark As Read Setting
  • Saving Time with Quick Steps
  • How to use the Categories Feature
  • Using RULES for Incoming Messages

IV      Receiving and Replying to Emails

  • Attaching Open Documents to an Email Message
  • Setting your Default Address Book
  • Proofreading a Message
  • dding Hyperlinks to Email
  • Creating a Contact Group
  •  Sending Email to a Contact Group 
  • Managing a Contact Group
  • NOTES in Outlook

V         TASKS

  •  Quick Open with Right Click
  • Adding a Task
  • Creating a Task
  • Accepting a Task
  • Editing a Task
  • Flagging Tasks
  • Marking a Task as Completed
  • Using Notes with Tasks

VI      Outlook 2013 Cheat Sheets