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Presenting with Style, Confidence and Control


In this three-day seminar, you’ll learn how to present your ideas with style, confidence and control — and without fear. You’ll gain the specific skills and direction you need to become comfortable with your own presentation style. And you’ll receive expert advice on how to handle challenging situations. Most important, you’ll learn how to present by presenting.


Establishing Baseline Skill Level and Learning Objectives

■    Group introduction

■    Discussion of common presentation situations and problems

■    Discussion of common fears and stress factors

■    Identification of personal seminar objectives

Module I – Developing Style, Confidence & Control(Deane will write this section and deliver it to CMC for formatting and inclusion in the workbook)

■      Strategies to eliminate self-doubt

■      Breathing Exercises and Visual stress reducers

■      Techniques to overcome anxiety

■      Develop your personal presentation style through the use of anecdotes, stories and examples to illustrate your material

■      Practices to prepare for your presentation (Video Camera exercises will be utilized throughout the program)

Module II - Balancing Verbal and Nonverbal Messages

■     Review of research on communication effectiveness

■     Identify and practice visual impact skills

-     Facial Expression

-     Stance                                             

-     Hand gestures

-     Movement

-     Eye contact

-     Voice

-     Physical appearance/impression

■   Identify and practice vocal impact skills

-     Resonance

-     Volume

-     Inflection

-     Pacing/Pause

■   Practice verbal impact skills

-     Anecdotes

-     Analogies

-     Audience participation techniques

-     Examples

-     Quotes/References   

Module III - Using Visual Aids and Support Materials

■      The purpose of visual aids and support materials

■      Distinction between visual aids, speaker's notes, and audience handouts

■      Composition of visual aids

■      Using visual aids

-    Types of visual aids (advantages and disadvantages)

-    Guidelines for interacting with visual aids

-    Guidelines for managing handouts

Module IV – Handling Questions & Challenges from the Audience

■     Respond to difficult, challenging questions

■     Deal with hostile, argumentative questioners

■     Unhook the monopolizing questioner

■     Handle the "irrelevant" or parochial interest question

■     Get back on track when a question interrupts your presentation flow

■     What to do when you don't know the answer

■     Deal with challenge statements that are not questions

Module V - Managing the Presentation Environment

■     Room Setups

■     Equipment

■    Logistics                                                                                  

Advance Handouts for participants to complete and bring to the seminar:

  • The Kolb Learning Style Inventory
  • DISC Classic Profile