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Work-Life Balance:
The New Challenge


Work life balance is one of the biggest concerns of managers, field personnel as well as headquarters' employees. The outcome for the individual is more control, value and balance, both professionally and personally.


Program Highlights

•  Work-Life Balance defined: what it means, what it doesn't mean
•  Accepting responsibility for your own work and life results
•  Staying in focus despite interruptions
•  A method for staying in balance every day
•  The critical difference between a meeting and a date
•  The tool to maximize quality time in your relationships:
           At Work - With Family - Friends - Yourself
•  3 ways to build lasting rapport and respect with associates
•  Connecting daily activities to work-life goals
•  The emotion-decision link
•  Strategies that improve team communication
•  Mastering the choice challenge
•  Achievement and Enjoyment as the basis for life-time goals
•  Effectively adjusting your work-life balance over time

For many people, the boundary between work life and personal life has all but collapsed. Creating or restoring passion for work and your private life is a challenge.  The challenge is not to negate the value of material well-being, but to make a place for passion – to use emotional competence (EQ vs. IQ) to create a balance between the material side of life and the emotional side.