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The Creativity Course:  Essential Skills to Drive Innovation


Innovate or fall behind.  The competitive imperative for virtually all businesses today is that simple. 

Responding to that command is difficult, however, because innovation takes place when different ideas, perceptions, and ways of processing and judging information collide. And it often requires collaboration among players who see the world differently.

As a result, conflict that should take place constructively among ideas all too often ends up taking place unproductively among people.  Disputes become personal, the creative process breaks down.

The material in this presentation is appropriate for those who have never thought of themselves as “creative,” as well as for those who are considered innovative thinkers.  It will help foster an organization that thinks and acts with more creativity; collaborates more effectively; and implements new ideas more rigorously.

This highly entertaining session contains valuable insights into the many facets of creativity, innovation and brainstorming -- and some helpful techniques that you can use to leverage it in your own work environment.

Course in Creativity Teaches Teams To:
  • Manage the process of thinking, which will maximize efficiency
  • Think in parallel, which keeps egos in check and encourages the contributions of each individual
  • Organize and lead effective innovation meetings, helping you to "out-think" the competition
  • Anticipate changes, helping you prepare for the future
  • Rigorously evaluate ideas, eliminating costly mistakes
  • Execute work plans on time and within budget, saving you time and money

 Course Highlights:
- Understand the principles and Best Practices of innovation
- Build competencies that drive innovation throughout your organization
- Recognize how we kill great ideas and creativity
- Learn the 8 Characteristics for creating a climate of perpetual innovation
- Draw effective Mind Maps to visualize large projects at a glance.
- Utilize brainstorming to foster creative conflict

The results are remarkable, immediate, and will energize your entire organization