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Hardball for Women:
The Rules of the Game of Business


Decoding the Male Business Culture

You don’t have to act like a man to succeed in the business world. 
But you can’t get ahead unless you understand the male business culture, and know how to use it to your advantage. 

This on-target guide for success will show women how to break patterns of behavior that have put them at a disadvantage in the hardball business world of men.

Whether the arena is a law firm, a medical group, a corporation, a government agency, or any other work environment, this workshop decodes the male business culture and shows you strategies on how to use its rules to get ahead ....  and stay ahead.

You’ll learn to:

  • Be assertive without being obnoxious
  • Engage in smart self-promotion
  • Make the most of criticism and praise
  • Display confidence and credibility in every conflict situation 
  • Use principled negotiation to sell your value, and the value of your ideas 
  • Implement “power-talk” language to your advantage
  • Understand how voice, body language and facial expression impact the power of your message
  • Be perceived as both a team player and a leader
  • Lead both men and women ....  and recognize the differences between them
  • Take intelligent risks and hide your vulnerability
  • Stand your ground and influence others, even when you don’t have “position” authority