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Coaching and Team Building Skills


If you supervise others, if you are responsible for getting results from the efforts of a group of people, then you’re in charge of a team....  and the team’s success depends on your ability to motivate, support, train, give feedback, and reward.  In short, to lead your people to achieve objectives.

This workshop is loaded with practical ideas that will really work to generate action and results from group efforts. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Inspire people to “go the extra mile"
  • Help people to work at 110% of their own pesonal level of excellence
  • Use Personal Power instead of Position Power
  • Give feedback that helps your workers correct shortcomings and do their very best
  • Create an environment of caring and cooperation
  • Deal with difficult workers and turn problems into pluses
  • Build a balanced team with “players” who work well together
  • Lead meetings that stay on track and move everyone to action
  • Provide your people with the training they need to excel at their jobs
  • Be an effective “press agent” for your team
  • Use the ten coaching guidelines
  • Apply the three-part coaching process
  • Resolve problems that interfere with job performance
  • Inform, delegate, and motivate to achieve objectives
  • Develop a personal plan of action for your own development
  • Apply the coaching cycle to each employee for each new function
  • Understand behavior and values
  • Build trust and support
  • Develop Precision communications
  • Use a a six-step model for counseling
  • Use building blocks for successful implementation
  • Implement the six-step personal action plan