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The Attitude Virus...
Improve Performance; Enhance Productivity; Conquer Negativity


Coming to work and encountering a vibrant, stimulating atmosphere.  As you talk with others about an upcoming deadline or project, you hear only enthusiasm and commitment. Everyone wants to work hard.  A clear vision about what the organization can become lives in the mind  of every member of the team.

The atmosphere is charged by employee voices that are human and personal,   and high quality communication is a common experience.  Ideas are shared, innovation at all levels of staff is valued, and groups of employees brainstorm about daily challenges and how to handle them.  Responsible risk-taking is encouraged, accountability is universal,  and there is exciting activity around.  People talk together, with easy and positive support for each other.  Everyone enjoys his or her work, and there is respect for diverse people and different ideas.  In fact, “creative conflict” is a normal …. even necessary …. part of this process.

Assignments are approached with a sense of urgency.  Motivated employees are always searching for better ways to improve products and services, and teams are focused on finding more effective ways to deliver faster and better, and to upgrade skills and processes. Based on their strengths, different people take responsibility for guiding the team.  On one project, one person may serve as leader; on another project, a different leader will emerge.

When the boss passes by, conversation continues.  Employees have no need to write self-protective memos and there is no hostility between staff members competing for bigger budgets and more attention.  The you-versus-me antagonism has been replaced by a sharing of responsibilities and an over-arching belief that all are working together.  Teamwork and partnerships make up the structure of this organization.  Trust and respect are the watchwords, and the human resource is the most precious resource of all.

Every employee has the power
to create this stimulating work environment....
to encourage this culture of commitment to thrive and spread.


Negative attitudes can also be contagious.  They cost organizations millions of dollars in lost productivity, uncommitted employees, unhappy clients  and lowered standards of quality.

Course Objectives

This workshop will show you how to:

  • Develop self-motivation and responsibility within the team environment
  • Build an organization of responsible managers and employees
  • Recognize that employees are responsible for results, not activities or tasks.
  • Hold employees and team members accountable for poor work
  • Use effective change models and decision-making tools to build solution-oriented teams
  • Encourage and reward responsible risk-taking
  • Develop verbal skills to turn negative situations into positive encounters
  • Deal with criticism and blame
  • Understand the importance of constructive feedback
  • Distinguish between dialogue and debate
  • Encourage an "earning" environment rather than an "entitlement" mentality
  • Produce real empowerment and job ownership
  • Function within, and ultimately change, a bad-attitude environment
  • Teach assertive, ethical communication between employees


Discover what makes employees work at 110% of their own level of excellence …. on a consistent basis.