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Communication Challenges in a Team Environment

How individuals react to different circumstances at work and in their personal lives, is usually influenced by how they view the situation and the people involved.  Certain people just seem to know exactly how to irritate us -- how to push our buttons and make us angry.  They’re not reasonable like us.
This workshop will take you through the steps necessary to identify and understand each of the four personality styles -- what turns them on and what turns them off.   With this simple tool, even the angriest encounter can become a positive negotiation.

Everyone wants to avoid conflict on the job.  But when people work together, they sometimes disagree. The communication and negotiation skills learned during this workshop will help co-workers resolve conflict for the good of the organization, and their own personal self-esteem.

Beyond the “how-to” aspect we'll take a constructive look at:
what difficult people really want;
why defensive behavior turns into criticism;  
and why we take criticism so personally.


  • Reach agreement by influencing others rather than by controlling them.
  • Recognize what the other side really wants.
  • Identify the causes of conflict.
  • Realize when your behavior and voice tones are the reason you are often surrounded by conflict and criticism.
  • Keep personalities out of disputes.
  • Learn methods to help settle disagreements between bosses and employees.
  • Negotiate positions using the "want to accept" strategy.
  • Become comfortable with criticism of your ideas because you know how to turn criticism into a "workable compromise" with a positive outcome.
  • Recognize the role that body language plays in creating and resolving conflict.
  • Use persuasive techniques and focus on what the listener will gain.
  • Project a positive attitude that gains credibility and respect for your ideas and performance.
  • Speak with power by avoiding weak phrases and tag questions.
  • Recognize the most troublesome personalities and how to handle them... both tactfully and effectively.