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The 90 Second Solution for Call Center Agents

Customer Care and Call Handling Skills for Call Centre Agents
Level I  (1 Day)

A workshop designed to provide the core skills and competencies that build confidence through case study practice, focused on improving customer relationships and creating a positive business image.   Includes attitudes to improve performance and increase job satisfaction using an integrated approach to managing stress and embracing change

What You Will Learn:

  • Explore Personal Paradigms, Attitudes, and Motivators That Drive Behavior
  • Develop Change Ready Habits - Become an Agent for Change
  • Determine Customer Preferred Communication Styles
  • Focus on the Total Message Using Positive Voice Tone, Effective Listening, Empathic Responses, and Pacing Skills
  • Maintain Control Through Powerful Questioning Skills
  • Begin to Problem Solve and Provide Solutions Using the S.C.O.R.E. Method
  • Role-play Real Life Situational Experiences

Add-On, Cross-selling and Up-selling Skills for Call Centre Agents
Level II  (1 Day)

This workshop gives agents the techniques, confidence and practice, to effectively uncover client’s needs and to recognize opportunities to add-on, cross sell and up-sell to develop and recommend customer focused solutions. Learn ways to solve problems and to add value for your client with your products and services.

What You Will Learn:

  • Recognize Buying Signals
  • Handle Objections and Close the Sale in a Consultative Selling Environment
  • Use Effective Questions and Listening Skills to Build Credibility and Trust
  • Understand How to Position Yourself with New and Existing Clients for Future Business
  • Build and Maintain Loyalty Through Exceptional Communication and Customer Servicing  Skills
  • Learn Skills to Transition Effectively to Additional Sales Opportunities
  • Role-play Real Life Situational Experiences

Dealing with Difficult Customers and Situations
Level III

This workshop focuses on finding solutions to difficult situations and demanding customers. Learn and understand how routine customer problems can require unique solutions based upon a customer’s perceptions, communication style and paradigms.

What You Will Learn:

  • Control Your Attitude and Reactions to People and Problems
  • Recognize the Nine Difficult Types of Customers
  • Learn to Flex Your Own Personal Style to Effectively Diffuse the Irate and Demanding Client
  • Focus on "Hero" vs. "Zero" Phrases
  • Identify Causes for Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Role-play Real Life Situational Experiences

Taking Customer Care Skills to the Next Level:
Blending Inbound and Outbound Environments – Level IV  (1 Day)

A workshop focused on advanced customer care and call handling skills using effective communication and negotiation techniques. Ideal for agents who build long-term relationships with clients in an account management environment.   Designed to provide powerful sales skills, confidence and practice to effectively sell products and services in an outbound or blended call centre.   Will provide call centre agents with the powerful sales techniques, confidence and practice, to understand the ongoing sales process, effectively uncover and recognize opportunities, understand customer buying styles and cycles, recognize buying signals, handle customer concerns and resistance, and to close the sale.

What You Will Learn:

  • Explore Personal Paradigms, Attitudes and Motivators That Drive Selling Behaviors
  • Learn to Manage the Sales Cycle, Develop an Effective Sales Process and Relate to the Buying Styles of the Customer
  • Use Powerful Questioning Techniques to Gather Sales Advancing Information
  • Present Value Focused Solutions and Remove Barriers to Resistance
  • Work Together to Create Options That Will Achieve a Win/Win Solution
  • Role-play Real Life Situational Experiences
  • Learn When and How to Close and Reinforce the Sale

Learning to be Coached For Call Centre Agents (Includes Call Centre Managers)  Level V   (Half Day)

This workshop is designed for call centre agents and their managers to facilitate active participation in their own personal growth and development by effectively using the coaching process to learn and refine their skills and manage their performance.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand Results of Effective Coaching
  • Set Attainable Goals and Expectations with the Coach and Share Meaningful Feedback
  • Own Responsibilities for Your Own Attitude, Growth and Development
  • Gain Trust, Recognition and Credibility Through Effective Communication Techniques