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Speed Reading for Everyone

 Speed Reading for Everyone


"Whether you barely survive, or successfully thrive, hinges on your ability to process mountains of written material."

Business people read on average four hours or more each day, which translates into millions of reading hours paid for by a company or organization.  Yet the average reading rate of 250 words per minute simply is not fast enough to provide people with the information they need to stay current. 

Reading more effectively benefits not only your organization, but also your career.  There is a definite correlation between reading skills and career success. 

Course Objectives

Course Objectives

  • Double, even triple your reading rate
  • Increase comprehension by as much as 500
  • Eliminate barriers to speed and retention· Learn to use “Mind Maps” to recall information
  • Develop your peripheral vision
  • Learn to use your Photographic Memory
    (Yes, you do have one, it’s just temporarily out of film!)
  • Learn separate techniques to read:
    Technical Documents
    Research material
    Newspapers & Magazines
  • Increase Your Effective Work Time Every Day

Typical Results:  Within one month, 73% of those who attend the course, and practice 15 minutes a day as instructed, are reading at a minimum of twice their beginning rate, with triple the comprehension.

15 Solid Reasons to Invest
in this Speed-Reading Workshop

  • Double, even triple, your reading rate.  Even if you consider yourself a hopelessly “slow reader,” this time-saving workshop will work for you.
  • Learn separate, unique strategies to read newspapers, magazines, reports, text books, and technical material 
  • Deepen your understanding of whatever you read ....  your comprehension will actually increase with your reading speed
  • Train your peripheral vision and photographic memory to assist you in reading faster
  • Learn how to take rapid, abbreviated notes at meetings and presentations
  • Spend less time reading and absorbing information and more time acting on it
  • Create “outlines in your mind” and organize your thoughts more effectively ....  whether reading, listening, or writing
  • Remember and recall key ideas or detailed information easily
  • Learn the psychology of memory
  • Fine-tune your study and learning skills
  • Improve your concentration and stop “mind-wandering” and outside distractions that interfere with effective reading
  • Cut through in-box clutter.  Process reports, correspondence, memos, FYI information, and more in a fraction of the time it now takes
  • Finish newspapers, magazines and books in one sitting without sacrificing comprehension
  • Read entire “word clusters” instantly ....  instead of the slow, cumbersome “word-by-word” reading process
  • Tackle the toughest reading material with ease and confidence ....  including legal briefs, computer printouts, and technical documents.