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Behavioral Based Interviewing (BBI)

Behavioral Based Interviewing (BBI)

For Managers

The driving concept behind BBI is simply stated:

Behavioral Based Interviewing (BBI) is a structured interviewing strategy built on the premise that past behavior is the best predictor of future performance in similar circumstances.  The interviewer probes for behavioral evidence of what the candidate said, did, felt, and thought, and what were the results.

BBI allows the interviewer to gather evidence for critical capabilities in a way that is most likely to ensure that a person both possesses these capabilities and is likely to demonstrate them in future situations. 

It is these critical capabilities, called competencies, that identify the very best performers in a given job.

Factor in the recent studies on Emotional Quotient Intelligence (often referred to as EQ, in comparison to IQ).  These studies indicate that the brightest are often not the most successful, either in business or in their personal lives.

This means that many of the techniques and “tests” traditionally used in the past, determine only what the candidate CAN do on the job, with no means of determining what they WILL do on the job.


This course is designed to provide HR and management staff with the skills and tools:

  • To conduct behavioral interviews during the staffing process;
  • To apply these skills during performance/development review; 
  • And to use them in other activities that require an accurate assessment of how people perform in actual situations and circumstances.