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The Balancing Act:
How to Manage Your Relationships & Time Effectively

This seminar will help the participants discover how to set and manage realistic priorities, goals and objectives, while keeping things in perspective across multiple projects. It will also demonstrate the essential link between building good relationships, and cultivating influence, in order to secure the results you need.

The course facilitator believes that in order to achieve effective time management, it’s imperative that you’re able to share your knowledge with those around you. In this intensive learn-by-doing seminar, that will be carefully tailored to meet the client’s unique needs, you’ll learn to deal with conflict, reach resolution and overcome resistance to new ideas.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Acquire power and determine how to use it 
  • Ensure your personal communication style is an effective tool for achieving your goals 
  • Become a stronger communicator with techniques to help you listen, question and clarify priorities more efficiently 
  • Formulate appropriate responses using different assertion tactics 
  • Discover how innovative communication strategies enhance problem-solving
  • Use assertiveness skills to get results 
  • Get results without authority 
  • Become more productive by prioritizing work and maintaining focus 
  • Make better decisions based on consistently good analysis 
  • Gain the cooperation of others by communicating the risks and gains of decisions 
  • Effectively align your professional and personal objectives 
  • Deal with conflicting priorities 
  • Prioritize and schedule goals according to realistic pressures

What You Will Cover:

  • Communicating powerfully even under pressure 
  • Encouraging feedback and resolving misunderstandings 
  • Effectively handling difficult team members 
  • Building confidence and authority to make decisions 
  • Implementing strategies for working more productively 
  • Using goal-statements, Gantt charts and the time-log concept to rise above personal productivity pitfalls 
  • Applying an array of tools to meet the competing demands of bosses, coworkers and customers 
  • Understanding how your values and thinking styles drive your decisions

Special Feature

Experience group/team exercises designed to simulate real work situations.