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Leadership Skills for Peak Performance Teams

In the era of empowered employees and cross-functional teams, work place communication is no longer limited to the top-down commands and instructions of the past.  It involves bottom-up and lateral exchanges as well.  It also involves communicating with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures. 

Creative conflict is a normal ....
even necessary ....
part of this process.

The ability to present yourself and your ideas with confidence, credibility, and composure is an essential skill that enables you to gain a competitive edge for yourself, your employees, and your organization.

When we learn how to tear down our own individual barriers to communication, and those of others on our teams, we begin to work effectively in our Peak Performance Zone.


  • Developing professional language and negotiation skills to assist you in selling your recommendations, ideas and value to others.
  • Using your “personal power base” to influence and motivate others to take action.
  • Reducing your use of “position power.” 
  • Building the commitment in yourself and your team members that is necessary to ensure success.
  • Recognizing how your behavior, speech and body language influence others to accept or reject your ideas.
  • Understanding how to give and receive Feedback in a positive manner directed toward creative solutions.
  • Discovering how to lead your team toward higher empowerment and responsibility.
  • Learning how not to revert to old "triggered" behavior when things get tough.
  • Testing the quality of your "listening and understanding" skills.
  • Developing insights that help you transcend the boundaries of your current thinking and team decision-making.
  • Overcoming the five common obstacles that interfere with open communication and team progress.