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I Leadership Skills For Management, Supervisors and Administrative Professionals.
II Creativity, Desicion Making, Delegation, Time Management & Empowerment
III Team Dynamics
IV Conflict, Criticism, and Office Politics
V Professional Communication
VI Change & Transition
    • Leading Through Change
    • Successful Intelligence:  10 Ways to Break Down Barriers to
      Creative Thinking and Decision-making
    • Excess Baggage: How to Get Out Of Your Own Way 
    • Capitalizing on Change:  Make Dust or Eat Dust   
    • The New Work Paradigm  
VII Customer Service
VIII Diversity and Gender Issues
IX Speech Subjects and Keynotes
    • 101 Things to Say in Difficult Situations
    • Leading Through Change
    • Business Etiquette - It's More Than Which Fork to Use
    • Surviving Office Politics
    • Satisfying Your Hard-to-Please Customers
    • Successful Intelligence
    • Managing Conflict and Emotions in the Workplace
    • Why Women Hold Other Women Back
    • Hardball for Women:  Winning at the Game of Business
    • Talking 9 to 5:  Gender Communication
    • The Superwoman Myth
    • Ways Women Lead
    • The Enemy Within
    • Learn the Rules .... and Then Break Them
    • Influence Without Authority
    • Everyday Heroes
    • What Nuns Can't Teach You.
    • Why Do I Say Yes, When I Mean No?
    • Excess Baggage:  How to Get Out of Your Own Way
    • You Can’t Be a Leader if No One is Following
    • Ambushing the Customer
    • Communicate with Confidence
    • Behavioral Interviews
    • EQ vs IQ:  Emotional Intelligence as a Success Factor in Businesshttp://www.deaneeldredge.shoppingcartsplus.com/four_generations__work.html