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Deane Eldredge

Time Magazine wrote,  "If West Edmonton Mall were a woman, it would be Deane Eldredge."

Deane took this to mean "big, bold, and brassy."    This was, of course, during Deane's years as Director of Public Affairs for the Triple Five organization, owners of West Edmonton Mall.
An irreverent sense of humour, combined with a healthy and straightforward approach to the challenges faced by business people today, has made her a speaker much in demand throughout Canada and the U.S.  Her audiences are constantly impressed with her high level of energy, enthusiasm, and commitment, and find that it’s contagious.  Many sophisticated, tough-minded technology executives have found the conceptual models and facilitation provided by Deane to be practical, rigorous, and relevant.

A “recovering workaholic”, Deane’s background as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times; as press secretary for Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley; as owner of her own California advertising agency; and as Director of Public Affairs and Tourism for the Triple Five corporation (owners of West Edmonton Mall), has given her a wide repertoire of experiences and anecdotes to draw from in her thought provoking presentations.

Deane’s Alberta-based consulting and training firm specializes in leadership development, team communication, reduction of negativity in the workplace, and the encouragement of creative conflict for effective change management.   Working within both government and private industry, her particular talent lies in designing and presenting programs with special emphasis on the team communication aspects of management and employee motivation.
Her workshop facilitation approach, and emphasis on individual interaction, has been widely successful in developing assertive communication skills that build commitment and cooperation within the total work environment, particularly within highly technical organizations.

Her specialty ....

  • She can make the people she works with want to change the way they think, behave and react in their professional dealings with both internal and external customers.
  • She actually makes them look forward to their next conflict situation and to being criticized ....  and
  • She’s effective in demonstrating how to turn these situations into positive, effective opportunities.


A strong proponent of "self-leadership", Deane believes that everyone can be a more creative problem solver, negotiator, and leader.