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Leading Through Change
Change Management Essentials

There is no question that in today's economy, perhaps more than at any other point in the past decade, business and organizations are experiencing what seems like exponential change resulting in increased uncertainty. Along with this uncertainty comes fear, followed by a loss of morale, and then a decline in productivity and so on.

This has become a negative cycle which many businesses and organizations are having a difficult time impacting.

This workshop has been designed for leaders who are looking for ways to re-energize and align their people in these tough economic times.

In this one or two-day workshop we will be exploring a process of communication that will help you and your organization reroute the negative cycle by directing the energy towards positive outcomes.  You'll learn how to lead change intitatives to build commitment and ensure success. 

Course Overview:

Module I:     Understanding the Need for Change

Module II:    Your Role as a Leader Through Change

Module III:   Creating a Stakeholder Management Plan

Module IV:  Dealing With Resistance to Change

Module V:   Leading Before and After Change

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define change management and differentiate types of change
  • Recognize and capitalize on the opportunities presented by change
  • Prepare for change by anticipating responses from key stakeholders
  • Diagnose stakeholder behaviours and learn to flex your style for cooperation and commitment
  • Leverage your strengths during change to become a source of stabilityu and reason for others
  • Understand the emotional and intellectual impacts of change
  • Increase the readiness to embrace change and overcome resistance